Hilarious Comedy Film 'Superpowered Family' Reveals Ultimate Trailer and IMAX Poster

Hilarious Comedy Film 'Superpowered Family' Reveals Ultimate Trailer and IMAX Poster



Today, the hilarious fantasy comedy film 'Superpowered Family,' directed by Song Yang and starring Allen, Shen Teng, Tao Hui, Zhang Qi, Han Yanbo, and Bai Lina, officially announces the start of pre-sales and unveils the ultimate trailer and IMAX poster. In the trailer, Allen's family, who possess superpowers, teams up to infiltrate 'villain' Shen Teng's home in an attempt to steal his 'incriminating evidence.' While they imagine that having superpowers allows them to do whatever they want, in reality, it's just wishful thinking, as each family member encounters hilarious mishaps and turns their 'spy thriller' into a 'silly farce.' This brings uproarious laughter, and the film is eagerly anticipated to relieve the burdens and provide laughter as a form of stress relief for all 'family members' this summer.

Hilarious Comedy Film 'Superpowered Family' Reveals Ultimate Trailer and IMAX Poster

Accompanying the trailer is the IMAX poster, which depicts Allen's family in high spirits, riding a train down a snowy mountain, seemingly full of confidence to confront the antagonist, Shen Teng, head-on. The cunning villain appears panicked but can't hide his 'villainous vibes' behind a face filled with mischief. This impactful scene, set against the backdrop of the icy and snowy environment, promises a refreshing and joyful experience for audiences watching the IMAX version of 'Superpowered Family.'



In the film, Zheng Qian (played by Allen) develops a financial management software that catches the attention of the formidable villain, Qiqi Kefu (played by Shen Teng), who wants to use it for money laundering. Coincidentally, Zheng Qian's family unexpectedly gains superpowers like flying, invisibility, super strength, and immortality. The family joins forces to help Zheng Qian infiltrate Qiqi Kefu's home and steal the 'incriminating evidence' that can defeat him, aiming to catch the villain off guard.

Hilarious Comedy Film 'Superpowered Family' Reveals Ultimate Trailer and IMAX Poster

In the trailer, the truth-telling villain Qiqi Kefu reveals his plan to use Zheng Qian's software for money laundering, shocking Zheng Qian to the core. He can't believe it and exclaims, 'Shouldn't this kind of thing be kept a secret?' The honest villain boldly replies, 'What's there to hide? Hide it from whom?' It's clear that he doesn't consider them as outsiders. At the same time, Qiqi Kefu's younger self makes his first appearance, holding a gun with a fierce and menacing expression, leaving people curious about his misdeeds.

Shen Teng's portrayal of the cunning but never lying, mischievous yet honest villain brings a stark contrast and a fresh perspective. Coupled with his hilariously amusing appearance that makes people laugh just by looking at him, audiences are highly anticipating the delightful collision between this unconventional villain and the superpowered family.



In the trailer, Allen's family gathers together to discuss their plan to confront the 'villain' Shen Teng and decides to steal his 'money laundering records.' The family is confident in their superpowers, with the 'invisible' father proudly stating, 'I can just turn invisible and steal it.' However, in the next moment, he embarrassingly 'dies' in the crowd as his superpower fails and becomes exposed. The 'villain' Shen Teng then teasingly asks, 'Aren't you cold?' Amplifying the comedic effect.

Although Allen's family is still unfamiliar with their newly acquired superpowers, they always have each other's backs when they come together. Faced with the powerful antagonist Shen Teng, the family gains strength from one another and charges forward with passion and joy. The trailer also showcases several surprising scenes, such as a swarm of foreign police officers, a mountain of banknotes, a spectacular fireworks battle, and a train speeding through the night sky, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating the film. Director Song Yang expressed his desire to convey a sense of domestic superhero fairy tales through this movie.

'Superpowered Family' is produced by Zhejiang Kaixin Mahua Film Co., Ltd., China Film Co., Ltd., Shanghai Alibaba Pictures Co., Ltd., and Tianjin Maoyan Weiyin Culture Media Co., Ltd. It is distributed by Shanghai Taopiaopiao Film and TV Culture Co., Ltd., China Film Co., Ltd., and Zhejiang Kaixin Mahua Film Co., Ltd. The film is set to release nationwide during the summer season on July 21st.

Hilarious Comedy Film 'Superpowered Family' Reveals Ultimate Trailer and IMAX Poster

Hilarious Comedy Film 'Superpowered Family' Reveals Ultimate Trailer and IMAX Poster