TV Drama Starring Xu Dongdong, "The Furious Photographer," Premieres

TV Drama Starring Xu Dongdong, "The Furious Photographer," Premieres



TV Drama Starring Xu Dongdong,

On October 13th, the TV drama "The Furious Photographer," starring Xu Dongdong, finally premiered. Viewers can watch the first six episodes on platforms such as LeTV.

This series was completed in 2013 and features notable actors like Liu Jialiang and Tao Wei. The story is set in the Republican era and follows the experiences of a talented photographer. At that time, Xu Dongdong was still a relatively unknown actress, playing the role of the male lead's girlfriend in the series.

"The Furious Photographer" remained unreleased and in storage after its completion. Looking back at the TV market in 2013, the series seemed somewhat out of sync with the prevailing trends, and its main cast was not well-known, making it challenging to capture the audience's attention during the era dominated by popular stars. At that time, Xu Dongdong, who portrayed the male lead's girlfriend in the series, had not yet gained her current popularity.

TV Drama Starring Xu Dongdong,

Today, Xu Dongdong has become one of the most recognizable actors from "The Furious Photographer," even though her role in the series is relatively small. In the early episodes, her character had some romantic interactions with the male lead, including him painting her portrait.

This premiere is expected to generate buzz around Xu Dongdong.


"The Furious Photographer" is China's first TV series shot with high-end German "Elysa" photographic equipment, set in the Republican era and featuring espionage and suspense. The series revolves around Qian Heren, a photographer at the Beauty Photo Studio, played by Liu Jialiang, and Zhu Shengmao, the owner of the Changsheng Photo Studio, portrayed by Tao Wei. It tells the story of a group of dedicated individuals who fought for their country during the Japanese invasion of China. Qian Heren, with exceptional photographic skills and a passion for female photography, aspires to showcase the beauty of Eastern women on the international stage, attracting women from near and far for photoshoots. However, his outstanding photographic abilities also put him in life-threatening situations. His entire life, full of drama, conflicts, and love, is intertwined with his photography. In that turbulent era, Qian Heren used his photographic talent to outsmart Colonel Asai, an officer of the Japanese Special High Course, and evil forces from the Nationalist Party, repeatedly overcoming perilous situations and dealing significant blows to the Japanese military while upholding his principles and national integrity.