Tim Burton Discusses the Canceled "Superman" Movie: Impact on a Lifetime

Tim Burton Discusses the Canceled "Superman" Movie: Impact on a Lifetime



Tim Burton Discusses the Canceled

Tim Burton delves into his canceled "Superman" movie – although he doesn't seem particularly saddened by the project's failure, it appears to have left a lasting imprint on him.

The film, titled "Superman Resurrection," was originally set to star Nicolas Cage as Superman but was ultimately scrapped.

"No, I don't regret it," Burton stated in a conversation with the British Film Institute. "What I want to say is that when you work on a project for a long time, and it doesn't come to fruition, it affects your entire life. Because you're passionate about certain things, every project is an unknown journey, and even if it doesn't materialize, that experience never leaves you."

However, "Superman Resurrection" made another appearance in a different form in the movie "The Flash," with Nicolas Cage making a cameo as Superman. Nevertheless, Burton doesn't seem particularly thrilled about it. He contrasted Nicolas Cage's cameo with the recent trend of AI-generated film effects: "This also touches on the issue of artificial intelligence, which is why I feel my relationship with major studios has come to an end. They can take what you've created, be it 'Batman' or anything else, and reshape it culturally or call it whatever they want. It's like you're a slave to Disney or Warner Bros., and they can do as they please. So, in the twilight of my life, I'm quietly resisting all of this."