TimeSparker Privacy Policy

TimeSparker Data Protection Please read the details below to better understand how your data is used. This document was initially prepared in order to be compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules.

What data do TimeSparker collect about our users? The following information may be collected about our users, including first and last name, Email address, IP addresses where using TimeSparker from, mobile telephone number. Besides, credit card information and OpenCloner usage statistics may be collected by third parties, however not stored by OpenCloner.

What do we use this data for? This data is primarily used for contacting our users, confirming their location to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations, and providing essential functionality. When we ask for information, we do so when it's required. We do not ask for, store or collect information that we do not need.

How does TimeSparker secure and store user data? Our user data is securely stored in the secure data server. In addition, database access is strictly limited to those requiring it; Server access is strictly limited to those requiring it; Administrator roles are designed such that those performing routine administrative tasks do not gain access to data that is not relevant to their role.

How will we handle a potential data breach?

Site, server and database access will temporarily be disabled.

All of our passwords and security certificates will be changed.

Our users will be emailed and notified of the breach.

An internal investigation will be started to ascertain as much as we can about the breach.

The TimeSparker site, server and databases will be re-enabled once they've been proven to be secure.

Changes will be made and documented to prevent a similar breach in the future.

A follow up an email will be sent to all of our users, detailing what we learned from the investigation, along with the steps to prevent future breaches.