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Season 1

Wolf Pack - Season 1 All Episode Intro Air Date Per1Episode

1 From a Spark to a Flame


A raging wildfire lures out a murderous werewolf. A bus full of teens are injured. A father goes missing. A hard-nosed investigator looks for the arsonist.

Wolf Pack - Season 1 All Episode Intro Air Date Per2Episode

2 Two Bitten, Two Born


The full moon is reaching its peak as Everett, Blake, Luna and Harlan are drawn together by an unknown force. Kristen locks onto the group as suspects. The teens start to experience ominous dreams that obscure their reality.

3 Origin Point


Taken into questioning by Ramsey and her team, Everett, Blake, Luna and Harlan construct an alibi. Luna and Harlan make a startling discovery when they defend Everett from their first terrifying sighting of the creature.

4 Fear and Pain


Garrett joins Ramsey’s Arson Task Force, hoping to stay ahead of the investigation and protect his children’s secret. Blake tries to protect Danny from a monstrous encounter.

5 Incendiary


The unknown caller leads the pack to the site of an attack. To protect their friends, Everett, Blake, Luna and Harlan crash a party. The task force follows a trail to an abandoned construction site where they discover the fire’s point of origin.

6 After Party


The party turns deadly, causing the police to arrive. Ramsey and Garrett encounter something strange in the woods. The pack visits a former firefighter, Malcolm, to get answers about the wildfire.

7 Lion's Breath


The pack uncovers a truth about the wildfires. Blake’s family is forced to leave the motel and Luna confides in her crush. Ramsey’s investigation closes in on a suspect.

8 Trophic Cascade


Ramsey has the arson suspect in her custody, but the pack finds a suspect of their own as Garrett learns a surprising truth about his children.




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