Tom Cruise and Warner Bros.: "Kingdom of Storms" Conflict Sparks a Move

Tom Cruise and Warner Bros.: "Kingdom of Storms" Conflict Sparks a Move



Tom Cruise and Warner Bros.:

At 61, Tom Cruise remains a powerhouse in Hollywood. Recently, Cruise inked a deal with Warner Bros. to produce and star in original film series. He'll even set up an office at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank.

This collaboration showcases the sincerity between both parties. Notably, of the 7 recent films Cruise starred in, 5 were under Paramount Pictures, yet no office was set up for him there.

Tom Cruise and Warner Bros.:

Insiders reveal the backstory of Tom Cruise's "defection" from Warner Bros. It stems from conflicts during the "Kingdom of Storms" project, where Cruise was dissatisfied with Paramount's handling. Moving to Warner Bros. is like "changing sides with guns."

However, "Mission: Fatal Settlement," also known as "Mission: Impossible 7," caused Paramount a loss of at least $25 million, potentially more. Cruise and director Christopher McQuarrie are held responsible for frequent plan changes, exceeding the budget, and not providing samples or submitting scripts during filming.

Tom Cruise and Warner Bros.:

An insider discloses, "The relationship between Cruise and Paramount has become increasingly tense regarding budget and cooperation. He doesn't submit script pages or let them see samples. His approach to budget was responsible before, but it changed during the filming of 'Mission: Impossible 7.'"

Apart from the skyrocketing film budget, there's the last submarine scene in "Mission: Impossible 7." Originally planned for "Mission: Impossible 8," it led to disagreements among the film company, production department, and Tom Cruise, resulting in a deadlock. Brian Robbins states, "There are disagreements in direction among the film company, production department, and Tom Cruise, leading to a deadlock. We had to hit the pause button. They were entangled in how to proceed with the eighth film after completing the seventh."

Insiders predict "Mission: Impossible 8" might be their final collaboration on the IP. The film is set to premiere in North America on May 23, 2025, marking Tom Cruise's last portrayal of Ethan Hunt.

Afterward, Tom Cruise may act in Warner Bros.'s adaptation of "Oppenheimer." Despite its modest $370.5 million global box office in 2014, the film gained a dedicated fan base. Reportedly, Cruise has long planned to shoot a prequel.