Unforeseen Fate! "Transformers 7" Faces Box Office Setback

Unforeseen Fate! "Transformers 7" Faces Box Office Setback



Unforeseen Fate!

"Transformers: Rise of the Energon Warriors" has become the weakest link in the "Transformers" series in terms of box office performance.

As of now, the global box office for this film is only $430 million, with a domestic box office of just 655 million RMB. This achievement falls short of the previous spin-off "Bumblebee". It's worth noting that the production cost of "Transformers: Rise of the Energon Warriors" is as high as $195 to $200 million, twice that of "Bumblebee".

The film was released exclusively on streaming platforms on July 11th, taking the storyline back to the 1990s, immersing the audience in that era. The ultimate villain, Cosmic Emperor (voiced by Colman Domingo), descends, manipulating fearsome creatures, led by the malevolent Thunderstorm (voiced by Peter Dinklage), threatening Earth's tranquility. Amidst this crisis-laden situation, the dormant behemoth awakens, uniting with the Autobots, preparing for an unprecedented showdown.