"Creation of the Gods" Director Ma Yingxin Responds to Audience Queries: Celebrating Female Resilience

"Creation of the Gods" Director Ma Yingxin Responds to Audience Queries: Celebrating Female Resilience



"Creation of the Gods" Director Ma Yingxin Responds to Audience Queries: Celebrating Female Resilience

On September 20th, director Ma Yingxin penned a heartfelt response to audience inquiries regarding the film "Creation of the Gods." He also expressed gratitude to lead actors Zhou Dongyu and Zhang Yu, as well as all the crew members.

Hello, everyone. I am Ma Yingxin, the director of "Creation of the Gods." The film has been in theaters for several days now, and first and foremost, I'd like to sincerely thank every viewer who has walked into the cinema to watch this work. Whether your feedback is positive or negative, it's all valuable to me. The final judgment of a film rests with the audience. Perhaps this film doesn't feature many shocking scenes of slaughter or intense combat sequences, which might disappoint some viewers.

I have been pondering why I created a female character like Zhou Ran and why I placed her in the backdrop of the Kingdom of Storms. The answer is simple: I hoped to introduce a real and resilient female character into the world of numerous lone heroes. A woman who could achieve victory on her own terms for things she cherishes.

In news related to "Creation of the Gods," female victims are often portrayed only as deceived victims, and their genuine emotions are often misconstrued as foolishness. The plight of having both their property and emotions stolen becomes juicy gossip. However, few truly care about how they heal their wounds and rebuild themselves. Reclaiming property is undoubtedly crucial, but making perpetrators feel emotional pain and betrayal, making them understand that the abuse of emotions carries consequences, is the greater purpose I assigned to Zhou Ran. Emotions are often seen as a weakness in women, and this time, I wanted to turn that vulnerability into a weapon.

"Creation of the Gods" Director Ma Yingxin Responds to Audience Queries: Celebrating Female Resilience

Rational viewers may question whether swindlers can be so heartless, whether this revenge is too naive, and whether it's worth paying such a high price to defeat the enemy. But isn't a movie a dream? In this dream, a woman considered expendable becomes strong, a pursued target becomes the hunter, and the emotions she was once exploited for now empower her. Only through this can she reclaim her dignity, heal herself, and start anew.

Among all the criticisms, I need to clarify one thing: I have never forgiven the swindlers in "Creation of the Gods." Their danger doesn't lie in how wicked they appear, but in how skillfully they disguise themselves. From this perspective, Zhang Yu's performance was undoubtedly perfect. While portraying Lin Zhiguang, he displayed complexity and mystery, becoming an extremely menacing opponent. Perhaps not everyone has fallen into the trap of the Kingdom of Storms, but everyone has experienced betrayal to some extent. The message I wanted to convey is this: Offering genuine affection should not be a source of shame, and the abuse of emotions must face consequences. In "Creation of the Gods," I wrote a line of dialogue: It's not about the length of time but the intensity of it—I hope that every moment's eternity will not be in vain.

I want to thank fate for its favor, allowing the story I crafted during long, quiet hours to finally become a film. There have been many restrictions in my life, and storytelling has been a supplement to my life and a way to attain freedom. When I envisioned Zhou Ran as a character, I firmly believed in giving her freedom, giving her the courage to pursue her innermost desires, and allowing her to do what I couldn't. Zhou Dongyu's performance made this wish come true. During this long creative journey, Zhou Dongyu endowed Zhou Ran with unwavering courage and determination, as well as profound emotional depth. Her performance exceeded my expectations and infused the character with even more strength.

I want to express my heartfelt thanks to Zhou Dongyu. She is one of the most fulfilling, courageous, and resilient women I have ever encountered. She has countless choices, but she chose me—a first-time film director, someone who might not win at everything but wanted to win just once. Now that the film is released, I'm somewhat concerned about whether we have lived up to her courage and determination, but I'm also confident because Zhou Ran has emerged from the long dark tunnel of life, and together, we have won this victory.

I would also like to extend special thanks to Professor Xuetao. Without him, this film would not have been possible. I want to thank everyone who trusted and supported me, helping me bring this film to fruition. I also want to thank every crew member who participated in the filming of "Creation of the Gods." While I can't list all their names, they put in double the effort, allowing my small dream to become a reality.

Finally, I want to once again sincerely thank every viewer who has taken "Creation of the Gods" seriously.