Fei Xiang Protects Daji: 'She's My Hakimi'

Fei Xiang Protects Daji: 'She's My Hakimi'



Fei Xiang, a first-generation top artist, showcases his unique charm and also safeguards the character portrayed by Naran, Daji, playing along with the fans and protecting Daji by referring to her as 'My Hakimi.' 


Fei Xiang Protects Daji: 'She's My Hakimi'


When an audience member inquires about the meaning of 'Hakimi,' Fei Xiang humorously replies, stating that they are currently recruiting female protons, in sync with the playful banter. 

With his gentlemanly demeanor and sense of humor, Fei Xiang shines as the representative of the first-generation top artists, and the promotion team for 'Fengshen Part One' receives acclaim from the audience.

Fei Xiang Protects Daji: 'She's My Hakimi'

'Hakimi' is originally a transliteration of the Japanese word 'はちみ' (hachimi), which means honey water. It became a popular song in response to an anime character named Donghai Emperor, who adored honey water. After some creative editing by netizens, the song became widely recognized as background music for cat videos, featuring cute rhythm synchronizations with cats' movements, enhancing the experience of cat lovers. It has since been used as a term for all adorable creatures.