Mainland China's High-Scoring TV Drama "Half Zechariah Nao Tree" to be Remade as "Limitless Futures"

Mainland China's High-Scoring TV Drama "Half Zechariah Nao Tree" to be Remade as "Limitless Futures"



Mainland China's High-Scoring TV Drama

Huace Film & TV is set to remake the highly acclaimed Japanese TV drama "Half Zechariah Nao Tree" for mainland China, and they've decided to name it "Limitless Futures." This exciting news has already been officially announced through the television production filing.

"Half Zechariah Nao Tree," with a remarkable 9.2 rating on Douban, is a Japanese TV drama that was first aired in 2013.

Mainland China's High-Scoring TV Drama

The story unfolds in the 1990s and centers around Ban Zechariah Nao Tree, a university graduate burdened by a tragic past, who successfully enters the Central Industry Bank. Alongside his contemporaries, Kondo Naohiko and Watanabe Shinobu, they all strive towards their respective goals. However, the seemingly glamorous bankers undergo unimaginable torment as the economy experiences turbulence around the bubble burst.

As the 21st century dawns, the Central Industry Bank and Tokyo's First Bank merge to become the Tokyo Central Bank. At this point, Ban Zechariah becomes the head of the financing department at the Osaka West Branch, unwavering in his belief in the inherent goodness of human nature. While fulfilling his duties as a banker, he remains committed to universal principles. However, a loan fraud case involving a staggering 500 million Japanese yen pushes Ban Zechariah to the brink of his career and leads to a complete rift between him and the branch manager, who values self-preservation, political expediency, and profit over ethics.

In this battle, akin to a mantis trying to stop a chariot and swimming against the tide, can Ban Zechariah single-handedly change this cold and corrupt situation? Stay tuned for "Limitless Futures," the mainland Chinese adaptation, which promises to deliver an enthralling workplace drama.