"Romantic Film 'Unforgettable Memories' Reveals 'Year After Year' Poster on Chinese Valentine's Day"

"Romantic Film 'Unforgettable Memories' Reveals 'Year After Year' Poster on Chinese Valentine's Day"



"Romantic Film 'Unforgettable Memories' Reveals 'Year After Year' Poster on Chinese Valentine's Day"

Directed by Liu Yulin and produced by original author Zhang Haoran, the film "Unforgettable Memories" will hit theaters on August 22nd, during the Chinese Valentine's Day. Today, the movie unveiled a "Year After Year" poster featuring performances by Gao Yalin, Ni Hongjie, and Guo Keyu, which provides a strong emotional anchor for the story of Unforgettable Memories and Four Fire. The youthful spirit and familial warmth overflow from the screen. In the poster, the Unforgettable Memories family (played by Liu Haocun) and the Four Fire family (played by Song Weilong) lean against each other, wearing radiant smiles and making a victory sign with their hands, as if transporting everyone back to the golden summers of their youth. With the company of family, resolute dreams, and hidden affections, this epitomizes the most beautiful essence of youth. The sentiment of 'seeing is believing' fuels the anticipation for the movie's release on the Chinese Valentine's Day, where we will collectively traverse a journey of passionate and joyous youth.

Within the indelible memories of youth, alongside heart-fluttering fondness and bold expressions of self, there is unwavering family support. The poster also introduces for the first time the parental figures of Unforgettable Memories and Four Fire. Gao Yalin, portraying Four Fire's father, embodies a "strict but humorous dad," exhibiting his profound expertise in his role. Ni Hongjie, authentically portraying Four Fire's mother, exudes warmth and open-mindedness. Guo Keyu, depicting Unforgettable Memories' mother, projects a blend of gentleness and resilient optimism beneath her appearance. Through the nurturing and companionship of their families, Unforgettable Memories and Four Fire develop into the most genuine and radiant versions of themselves, collectively cherishing unforgettable moments of youth.

The portrayal of parental figures in the film also reflects familiar aspects of real-life parents. Guo Keyu shares, "The relationship between Unforgettable Memories and her mother is more akin to friends who confide in each other, rather than the traditional dynamic of parent and child." In previously released clips, the light-hearted and amusing dialogues between Unforgettable Memories and her mother, such as "Did you bully your new classmate?" and "Tease him," authentically mirror their friendship-like bond, evoking genuine laughter. Ni Hongjie, portraying Four Fire's mother, heartwarmingly states, "As long as my son grows up steadily, healthy and by our side, that's all that matters."

The film "Unforgettable Memories" is adapted from the eponymous short story in Zhang Haoran's best-selling work "It's Only You and the World Missing." It narrates the romantic journey of the spirited girl Unforgettable Memories and the somewhat pompous Four Fire, as they progress from playful teasing to heartfelt affection. Within each individual's youth lies someone unforgettable; the most precious aspect is that liking someone spurs both individuals to become better versions of themselves. Four Fire's determined statement, "I want to attend the same university as you," resonates with numerous viewers. Love is what drives us to evolve into the best possible version of ourselves.

Their commitment is more than mere words; it becomes the driving force behind Unforgettable Memories' diligent tutoring of Four Fire, his unwavering efforts to catch up, and the promise that they will accompany each other year after year in the future. Liu Haocun articulates, "During youth, feelings are pure. When you like someone, you genuinely like them, and you're willing to make sacrifices without expecting anything in return." The genuine and sincere emotions shared between Unforgettable Memories and Four Fire reveal the most enchanting facets of youth. This year on the Chinese Valentine's Day, embracing the courage to meet the person who remains unforgettable, they dare to commit to being together year after year.

"Unforgettable Memories" is directed by Liu Yulin, produced by Zhang Haoran, and stars Liu Haocun, Song Weilong, Bu Guanjin, and Guo Cheng. Special appearances are made by Gao Yalin, Ni Hongjie, and Zhang Lei. The film is co-produced by Shanghai Tingedong Film Co., Ltd., Shanghai Taopiaopiao Film and Culture Co., Ltd., China Film Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Hengdian Film Co., Ltd., Beijing Blue Sky Heima Culture Media Co., Ltd., Tianjin Maoyan Weying Culture Media Co., Ltd., and Linghe Culture Media (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. We eagerly await the Chinese Valentine's Day to witness their meeting.