Controversial Ending? Producer of "News Queen" Denies Whitewashing Rumors

Controversial Ending? Producer of "News Queen" Denies Whitewashing Rumors



Controversial Ending? Producer of

Hong Kong TVB's masterpiece "News Queen" has gained rapid popularity since its November debut, thanks to its captivating plot, vivid characters, and gripping scenes. However, the unexpected resolution in the final episode has left some viewers dissatisfied, with claims of the series being a "letdown."

In a recent interview reported by Sina Entertainment, the show's producer, Chung Shu-Ka, addressed concerns about the character development. Regarding the alleged "darkening" of Cheung Ka-Yin, he clarified, "We've consistently emphasized that she is not a virtuous character. In many choices, she always seeks the path most advantageous to herself. Cheung Ka-Yin's only mistake was placing excessive trust in Lau Yim; she believed she could manipulate Lau Yim, but, in reality, Lau Yim was just the early version of Cheung Ka-Yin."

Chung Shu-Ka also refuted claims of whitewashing all the characters in the final episode, stating, "The characters in 'News Queen' reside in a gray area, far from simple whitewashing. Traditional TV dramas often present a stark black-and-white opposition with a clear winner and loser, but 'News Queen' does not follow this formula. We tell a story of the gray areas." He emphasized that the narrative doesn't adhere to a binary opposition but paints a rich and complex picture.