"The Deceiver: Female Lead Wang Lejun Accuses Hu Ge of Breaking Her Collarbone"

"The Deceiver: Female Lead Wang Lejun Accuses Hu Ge of Breaking Her Collarbone"



"The Deceiver: Female Lead Wang Lejun Accuses Hu Ge of Breaking Her Collarbone"

On September 25th, Wang Lejun, who played the role of Cheng Jinyun in "The Deceiver," revealed that she had her collarbone broken by male lead Hu Ge while filming, and she expressed her anger towards Hu Ge's fans.

Wang Lejun shared multiple injury photos, disclosing that during the filming of "The Deceiver," Hu Ge, who portrayed Ming Tai, used his own body to break her collarbone. Due to the need to continue filming, she had to undergo surgery and received seven steel screws. She also revealed that she chose the hospital for the surgery herself, and it wasn't arranged by the male lead, Hu Ge.

Here is her full statement:

"Some netizens kept messaging me, asking if my collarbone was broken during the filming of 'The Deceiver' and if it was as painful as it sounds, wondering why I couldn't move freely. Today, I'm here to unveil the mystery for everyone. I believe many friends who have experienced collarbone injuries can relate.


"The Deceiver: Female Lead Wang Lejun Accuses Hu Ge of Breaking Her Collarbone"

The first X-ray image was taken within 12 hours after my collarbone was broken. As you can see, it wasn't just a crack; it was completely broken, with only a tiny piece of bone left connected. This was because at that time, the male actor who played Ming Tai used his own body to directly smash my collarbone. So, it was quite severe, and the pain was extremely intense, to the point where I screamed in agony. The doctor didn't recommend conservative treatment (which involves immobilization with a brace without surgery but requires three months of bed rest), so I had to undergo surgery and had seven steel screws implanted. My advice is, if the injured person is young and has enough time for recovery, try to avoid surgery. Children's bones heal quickly, and there is less damage to the skin.


If surgery is necessary, it is advisable to choose cosmetic sutures if conditions allow. Since I am an actress, I opted for cosmetic sutures after the steel screws were inserted. However, it cannot guarantee no scarring at all. The second picture shows what I looked like right after the stitches were removed. At that time, I had thoughts of despair, as I didn't know if there would be a prominent scar in the future.


Having surgery doesn't mean that the bones are immediately healed. Bones and screws need time to grow together, so a brace must be worn, and there should be absolutely no reckless movement. I learned this lesson the hard way. Actors getting injured doesn't mean the production can stop or cast replacements, so I was discharged in less than three weeks. As a result, the steel plate started to protrude under my skin. The last two pictures show how the steel plate was sticking out. But at that time, we were still filming, so I had to take painkillers every day just to complete my scenes.

"The Deceiver: Female Lead Wang Lejun Accuses Hu Ge of Breaking Her Collarbone"


Regarding painkillers, because I had to return to the set without a complete recovery, actors sometimes can't make decisions for themselves. So, I tried all kinds of painkillers, both domestic and imported. But I advise my fellow friends who have similar injuries, if you can avoid taking them, please do. They are not kidney-friendly, and even the doctor at that time didn't recommend me to take so many.


Make sure to follow the doctor's advice and remove the fixed brace on time! Because the steel plate was protruding while filming, I had no choice but to remove the plate after just three months, which was clearly not enough time. This has resulted in me being unable to perform some movements properly now.

I hope my experience can provide some valuable insights to all of you. I also hope that everyone stays healthy."

In addition, Wang Lejun also mentioned in her statement that in the contract for "The Deceiver," she was unequivocally the female lead, implying that she had endured many hardships unknown to the public.

She later responded to Hu Ge's fans: "Has your idol ever publicly admitted to injuring me over the years? If you want to vent, go elsewhere!" After facing criticism, Wang Lejun directly fired back: "As for whose career is declining, you know it in your heart. I wish you great success at the box office." Hu Ge's new film "Oppenheimer" is currently in theaters, but its box office performance has been disappointing.