Joe Russell and Martin Scorsese's Online Controversy

Joe Russell and Martin Scorsese's Online Controversy



Joe Russell and Martin Scorsese's Online Controversy

Martin Scorsese's latest film "The Assassin of Blooms and Moons" has just been released. Following industry norms, actors and producers have begun actively promoting the film on social media with frequent interactions, everything seems normal.

However, what made this promotional campaign interesting is Martin Scorsese's daughter. She posted a video on TikTok, showing Martin playfully teasing his adorable dog, "Oscar." Many fans began speculating that the elder Scorsese is quite confident about his directorial work, "The Assassin of Blooms and Moons," possibly hoping it will win an Oscar.

Joe Russell, an actor who previously won an Emmy Award for comedy, couldn't help but comment on the video: "Come see this; he has a Shih Tzu named Oscar, so cute." He then smoothly introduced his own dog, seemingly promoting his movie, "Oscar, we need to get those box office numbers up."

However, Martin Scorsese has previously criticized comic book adaptations, stating that they lack true emotion and are like theme parks, filled with grand but empty content. His comments have sparked controversies before, with some Marvel directors suspecting that he was merely marketing his own films. Joe Russell's video attracted the attention of some onlookers but also led to criticism from many film critics.

Joe Russell and Martin Scorsese's Online Controversy

Some comments included:

- "In 50 years, nobody will remember who Joe Russell is."

- "To be honest, Joe Russell only won awards because of Kevin Feige's help; he just got lucky."

- "Scorsese has used his influence to create significant wealth, while Joe Russell is looking for inspiration in his success story, which seems a bit ridiculous."

- "All of his blockbuster films are built on established, well-known IPs (such as Marvel). Once he moves away from these IPs, he makes awkward films like 'The Gray Man.'"

It's worth mentioning that Martin Scorsese's recent films, including "The Departed: Storms of the Underworld," released in 2006, achieved some success at the box office. However, his subsequent films, "Hugo" and "Silence," were considered box office failures, with substantial financial losses.