Tom Holland Discusses "Spider-Man 4": No Rush for the Sequel

Tom Holland Discusses "Spider-Man 4": No Rush for the Sequel



Tom Holland Discusses

Despite frequent rumors about Tom Holland signing on for a new "Spider-Man" film, whether he will continue to play Spider-Man remains uncertain. After months of speculation, the actor has finally updated fans on the status of the upcoming movie.

"I can only say that we've been actively discussing how to present the content of the fourth part of my character, whether we can find a way to do justice to this character is another matter. I have a strong protective instinct for Spider-Man. At the same time, I feel very, very fortunate to be involved in a series of films that 'get better with each movie, and every movie becomes more successful.' I think this is really rare, and I want to protect the legacy of Spider-Man."

Holland's stance is understandable, especially considering his outstanding performance in "Spider-Man: No Way Home" and its record-breaking success. For him, this trilogy was originally a perfect conclusion, and he doesn't want to hastily release the fourth movie to protect the legacy of Spider-Man.

He added, "So, I won't. It has to live up to this character."